Just as an arc refers to part of a circumference of a circle, we at Arc Children’s Centre are committed to forming a meaningful part of the Circle of Care for children in need.

Like how a star lights up the night sky, our star shows that hope can illuminate even the weariest heart. Arc aims to be a sanctuary where hope shines for the children and families in our care.

Our star icon consists of 5 arcs. Each arc represents one of our 5 core values:

At the Heart of Arc

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To first and foremost meet the basic needs of the families in our care, while giving thanks to life’s simple gifts


Uplift the children and their families with the spirit of joyous giving


Love is at the heart of all we do, and the reason we are passionate about helping these children in need


We offer families a foundation of hope to build upon during difficult times


Our steadfast team of staff and volunteers are devoted to the well being of the children and families in our care


It all began with a boy named Raphael.

Raphael was a brave little boy who lost his fight with cancer. Before his passing, Raphael had shared that his hope was for children to have a safe, welcoming place to rest and spend the day. His selfless wish is what spurred the creation of Arc, so other children like Raphael will benefit. The “R” in our name is a loving tribute to him.

Since July 2011, Arc has helped >150 children
with cancer or a life-threatening illness
and >60 of their siblings.

As an independent charity centre, everything we do for the kids is made possible thanks to the kindness and generosity of public donations and corporate sponsorships.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to:

  • Provide a sanctuary for the children’s continuing education, safety and bonding
  • Maximize each child’s potential and instill confidence to lead a fulfilling life
  • Provide a haven of respite and reprieve for parents trying to cope


Our mission is to:

  • See each child excel in life
  • Cushion each child and family with love and prayers

Arc has recently moved into our new 5,000sqf centre at 77 Lorong Limau, #01-51, Singapore 320077.

The new premises features an indoor play area complete with slides and climbing wall, as well as multi-sensory corner and custom-made library with cosy reading nooks for the children.

The open, modular setup that allows versatile maximization of space for both educational and enrichment activities to take place.