The Team

Our team comprises the following:

  • A Board of Governance led by a Chairman
  • Nursing and administrative leaders with 20 years of charity-based experience
  • Nurses/Pastoral Counselor/Therapist/Dentist
  • Dedicated volunteers to conduct enrichment activities, including music, art and computer literacy for the children


Mrs Goh Chok Tong

Board of Governance

Dr Rita Yeoh Joo Seang

Prof Quah Thuan Chong
Dr Chan Mei Yoke
Mr Yeo Lee Hock
Ms Adrienne Tan
Ms Lilian Leong
Ms Jackie De Souza


Ronita Paul
Ronita is a UK-trained nurse and state certified midwife since 15 August 1977.
She has dedicated 10 years of her work experience to a non-profit organization and a further 19 years at another charity.
Committed to touching lives, Ronita now plays an important part of Arc’s circle of care.
2000: Set-up the first Day Centre for children with cancer
2004: Awarded the Nurses Merit Award by the Ministry of Health
2005: Awarded the Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross Award for Outstanding Contribution to Childrenby the Children’s Hospice International*
*Children’s Hospice International (CHI), a USA based nonprofit organisation founded in 1983 by Ann Armstrong-Dailey, has been a champion of children with life-threatening conditions and their families to meet both their medical and emotional needs.

Geraldine Lee
Geraldine’s professional career has spanned across 30 years of Public Relations experience, to volunteering for a year in charity before devoting a further 18 years full-time work there.
In 2001, she won the inaugural National Volunteer Award for Outstanding Volunteer Co-ordinator Award by National Volunteer Centre presented by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong
Now, Geraldine is excited to continue encouraging hearts and raising greater awareness in support of children and families in need.