Program and Activities

Enrich and


Arc activities are tailored to recognize, develop and maximize the potential of each child. Our organized team of volunteers and partners are devoted to engaging the children with fun and meaningful programs that foster friendships and boost confidence.

a. Play, care and comfort
Various games for children to engage in a safe, comfortable environment.
Children may also take their lunch and have much needed rest at the centre

b. Literacy and education
Basic reading, writing, math skills, and study links with selected schools, especially for those preparing for re-integration to school (contact with school teachers will be maintained)

c. Music and the Arts
Children may gain enrichment by participating in various Art activities provided by volunteers and partners

d. Parent training and support
Simple, useful, practical advice for parents caring for their child at home

e. Intergenerational interaction
Events planned involving youth, adults and senior citizens

f. Outings
Outdoor classrooms to add a different dimension to learning

g. Scheduled events
Sleepovers and camp for children, night care – to offer parents time for rest and recuperation