“Violette is now 4 years old and thanks to Arc, her transformation has been amazing. From not wanting to speak, she is now called the ‘CEO’ at Arc because after just 6 months there, she talks so much and can even put the boys in their places!

I really attribute this to the strong enrichment programmes run by Arc as well as the attention and patience given by the very experienced staff, volunteers and teachers – not just to the children, but to us parents too.”

Joanne Chong, Mother

“One precious aspect is how Henry now has friends. All the socialisation skills and playdates that had been denied for so long… that part of his life is now fulfilled. Just the other week, Henry saw an Arc buddy crying in the bloodtaking room in the hospital and rushed in to comfort him saying, “Don’t cry.” It was incredibly humbling to see such empathy from a 3-year-old.

As a teacher myself, I understand the requirements of maintaining a vibrant classroom, but on my many visits it is clear that the job the Arc team takes on is so much more. Individual care is given to each child with love. Henry still needs naps, and his requests for Auntie Ronita to hold him to sleep are always met with open arms.”

Rachel Beacher, Mother

“During our two years with Arc, both Saaman and Nora were flooded with the priceless love from all the kindhearted people in the center. I am indebted to them for their valuable teaching, endless care, and motherly love towards my kids. Saaman has learned good values and morals, diligence, sincerity and leadership that will stay with him for life.

We take heart that Saaman is not alone in this world, and draw comfort knowing there are parents on similar journeys as well.”

“Arc was such a welcome relief and gave us a much needed break from the hospital and stress over Shaheen Varisha’s health. It was wonderful to meet other families who were also going through the same thing and finding a support system has been priceless for us. I’m very impressed by the wide range of activities for Varisha to take part in and, more importantly, the positive values, social skills and compassion she learns from the teachers, staff and peers at Arc.

I feel that people like Auntie Geraldine, Auntie Ronita and Auntie Irene should all get an award for their unwavering dedication to the job. The incredible amount of love and goodness they share with the kids every day is simply amazing. I have no words to describe how thankful I am for kindhearted people at Arc. With them, I know that my daughter is in good hands. Now, my daughter wants to be a leader all the time. She makes the rules around the house and has even told me that ‘Papa must go to Arc!’ Even though I can send her to other kindergartens now, Arc remains as our first choice for our daughter.”


“Previously, my son had never mixed with other kids of his age as he was always alone at the hospital or at home. But ever since he joined Arc, he’s been surrounded by volunteers and kids of various ages and backgrounds. Now, he can’t wait to meet his friends every day. It’s also great to know that I don’t have to worry about him falling sick when he’s here.

It really puts my mind at ease that Aunties Ronita and Irene are both trained nurses who have no problems taking care of any of the children’s medical needs. He has learnt so much from his lessons and experiences at Arc. He is now more cheerful, confident and independent. At Arc, children grow holistically and gain a wider perspective of the world. Arc has definitely changed our life for the better.”

– LIM SZE LING, Mother

“Arc makes the families’ journeys meaningful. It provides them a chance to escape from their confined environments, not only for the children to learn useful skills and to make friends, but for the parents to get to know other families as well.”

– Prof. Quah Thuan Chong, The Head of paediatric haematology/ oncology at the National University Hospital and Arc’s Vice Chairman

“Seeing the children go through all these treatments with courage has helped me appreciate life more. I draw from their mettle, inspired by their strength to continue on in my work. When the children grow up healthy and make a good life for themselves, it is encouraging and rewarding as it gives work meaning.”

- Prof. Chan Mei Yoke, Head and Senior Consultant, paediatric haematology/ oncology & palliative services at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and is also Arc’s the doctor to Arc’s children.

“The children at Arc have taught me resilience in the face of difficulty. Looking at them laughing, playing and just carrying on with life despite their burdens is really something special that I am inspired by.”

– Marcia, Volunteer

“There’s always a silver lining in every cloud. We should never feel hopeless in difficult situations as it will always lead to better days. As a mentor to the children, I feel that I should be a good role model and show them that there are many positive things that can be brought about by being at Arc. My goal is to show them what living a full life means.”

– Muhd Hafiyyan Bin Basuri, Volunteer and Arc Alumni

“I was able to strongly relate to the services Arc provides for the children. My love for children encouraged me to take up this new challenge. My favourite thing about Arc is having the freedom to carry out new activities. I enjoy taking a more hands-on approach and bringing my creativity into class. At Arc, the learning is never a one-way street. I’ve learnt valuable traits from the children such as unconditional love, determination and zest for life.”

– Saras, Arc Teacher

“Being at Arc for the last three years, I have learnt how to better understand and interact with children. Their hugs and kisses are so special and mean the world to me. “I want to see every child happy. Spending time dancing with them is something I am glad to contribute.”

– Jenni, Zumba Teacher
Corporate Sponsors

“Volunteering with Arc seemed like the most natural thing to do. It gives me immense satisfaction to see the children enjoying themselves and their immeasurable joy and laughter.”

– Raymond Ler, Associate Director of Residential Leasing, JLL

“Our relationship with Ronita and Geraldine dates back many years. The devotion they put into their work is something that resonated and stood out. Working with Arc also really does make us adults think long and hard about how we deal with our own personal issues. I’m very certain we have all become more appreciative of life in this time together.”

– Margaret Mary Lim, Assistant Programme Director, Class95

“I have learnt, to my immense amazement, that there’s so much courage in these brave little souls (and bodies). They have inspired me to cherish my children even more, and taught me to seize the day and not worry excessively about what comes along tomorrow. Every new day is a blessing indeed!”

– Ling-Fong Tay, Vice President, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank

“Love and passion drives the people at Arc. They are full of zeal and tender loving care. They see the children’s needs and act to fulfill them, bringing much joy and laughter to these children.”

– Judy Chiew, Vice President, Asset & Wealth Management, Deutsche Bank