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Arc makes the families’ journeys meaningful. It provides them a chance to escape from their confined environments, not only for the children to learn useful skills and to make friends, but for the parents to get to know other families as well.
– Prof. Quah Thuan Chong, The Head of paediatric haematology/ oncology at the National University Hospital and Arc’s Vice Chairman
Arc was such a welcome relief and gave us a much needed break from the hospital and stress over Shaheen Varisha’s health. It was wonderful to meet other families who were also going through the same thing and finding a support system has been priceless for us. I’m very impressed by the wide range of activities for Varisha to take part in and, more importantly, the positive values, social skills and compassion she learns from the teachers, staff and peers…
– Md Shaheen Mia, Father
Love and passion drive the people at Arc. They are full of zeal and tender loving care. They see the children’s needs and act to fulfill them, bringing much joy and laughter to these children.
– Judy Chiew, Vice President, Asset & Wealth Management, Deutsche Bank


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