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Lessons by qualified teachers in English, Malay, Mandarin, Mathematics, Montessori, Science, Geography, Coding, Reading and Writing for:
• Toddlers
• Kindergarten I & II
• Primary

Every child who comes to Arc will be prepared for mainstream primary education.

Volunteer teachers/tutors provide individual learning.

School Holiday Programmes
We provide support for school work, revisions, stay-over-camps, leadership training, confidence building and public speaking.


The children are given the chance to participate in activities that encourage learning, confidence and character building:

Craft & Play
Home Economics
Physical Exercise
Reading & Writing
Speech & Drama
• Story Champ


All our children are provided with nutritious meals daily:

Breakfast (if needed)
Tea Break


Getting to and from Arc is a breeze with our own transport staff and our own fleet of 3 vehicles.

We have the flexibility to take children home or to hospital in an emergency.


Arc enjoys the benefit of

• 2 Nurses
• 1 Child Psychologist
• 1 Occupational Therapist
• 1 Speech-Language Therapist

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“Spending time with these brave and resilient children and seeing their ability to endure leaves me awestruck”

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Ritu, Teacher at Arc


"What resonates with me are Arc's values - Simplicity, Joy, Compassion, Support and Commitment. These values are very much in the DNA of everyone who works here. With humanity and kindness, they provide a sanctuary for children with serious illnesses. They form a strong support system for the children and give them a chance to grow as individuals. I became a volunteer 10 years ago. The CEO of my company is a strong believer in giving back to society and he has known the Founders of Arc for a very long time. That's how I learnt about Arc. And after seeing how the centre is run, what it stands for and most of all, the people behind Arc, I haven't looked back. Arc has lived up to its values. It has shown me what courage really looks like and made me realise how petty some of the things I constantly worry about are. Just being here and seeing how happy the children are, and how they react to everyone at Arc fills my heart with joy.''

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Joanne Consigliere


How has Arc influenced the path you've chosen? The course I have chosen is Diagnostic Radiography. Ever since I was young, I have had an affinity for science, especially Biology. My interest in Biology deepened after I was diagnosed with cancer. But without Arc, I might not have pursued science, which requires a lot of discipline and dedication. If I hadn't gone to Arc, I would have been quite lazy! Many Arc volunteers helped me to stay focused. They helped motivate me to study. They also taught me how to separate my study time and play time, which was really beneficial. Arc also provided a calm and quiet space for me to study. Why did you go to Arc? When I completed my cancer treatment, my doctor told me about Arc. At the time, I didn't have anything to do while waiting for Secondary school to begin. My doctor suggested that I spend time at Arc, get to know other kids who went through the same things I did and also to do some studying so that I would not fall behind when I re-entered school. So I went, maybe twice or thrice a week when my mother was at work. I stopped only when I entered polytechnic. What are your fondest Arc memories? The overnight camps. I remember we used to play dodgeball at night and we had soccer matches as well. Everyone had fun. Even the aunties who volunteered joined in the fun. I miss those days and cherish the memories deeply. What have you learnt at Arc? Arc taught me many things. I have learnt to care and to have patience. Before Arc, I was clueless about a lot of things, including how to handle little children who have special needs. I've realised that we're all the same. We just need a little care and love. And with patience, everyone can be happy.

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Diagnostic Radiography Undergraduate


Arc caters for children between 3 to 18 years with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. We accept children regardless of religion, race or culture. To qualify for admission, the child will need a letter of reference from his/her doctor, specialist or social worker. This is necessary to ensure close collaboration with the medical/care team to provide relevant support.


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If you are travelling by public transport, here are the recommended places to alight with corresponding bus service numbers:

Bus Services Bus Stop to Alight
21, 124, 125, 131, 186 St. Michael’s Terminal (Whampoa Rd)
21, 124, 125, 131, 139, 186 Along Kim Keat Rd, opposite NKF Centre
21, 124, 125, 131, 139, 145, 186 Along Kim Keat Rd, opposite Fu Tsu Building
21, 124, 125, 130, 131, 139, 145, 186 At Balestier Road before Whampoa Drive